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BH Tunnel VPN APK is a powerful VPN application that allows users to access geo-restricted content and ensures maximum protection against third-party surveillance. With its wide range of servers located in different parts of the world, including the United Kingdom and Germany, users can enjoy unrestricted internet access.

One of the key features of BH Tunnel VPN is its auto-select server option, which automatically connects users to the best available server for optimal performance. This ensures a seamless browsing experience with fast download and upload speeds.

In order to use BH Tunnel VPN, users are required to create an account. Once logged in, the app displays the expiration date, time, and remaining days of the account. Users can also clear their settings and update the app online directly from the main screen.

While BH Tunnel VPN offers a range of features for free users, there are additional premium features reserved for paying users. These premium features, such as the "Tweaks" button, provide enhanced customization options for a personalized VPN experience.

Overall, BH Tunnel VPN is a reliable VPN application that offers unfiltered internet access and robust security features. However, it is important to note that an account is required to use the app, and some advanced features are only available to premium users.

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